Xavier Lefevre

CEO of fair&smart

Xavier is the CEO and founder of fair&smart, a French PIMS which focuses equally on people and organisations : empowering individuals with their data and helping organisations make a “fair and smart” use of them at the same time.
Prior to fair&smart, Xavier was entrepreneur in retail, then in publishing and then worked many years for IT consultancy firms, making the link between business and technology specialists. Among several innovative data projects, he contributed to building worldwide e-commerce platforms and real-time monitoring dashboards for major companies.

My Sessions

Tools for Data Portability


The session will showcase four open-source projects that focus on data portability. We will start investigating how new business models can leverage data portability and what tools and technologies can support that. Following this overview we will then conclude the session with lessons learned from real cases on how to build user friendly data portability […]

Data Portability