Personal data at the hands of free and autonomous agents

We’re generating enormous amounts of personal data as individuals. It is obvious long time ago, that from individual perspective this commodity - “new oil”, “new soil”, etc. - is hardly ever powering or feeding any reasonable goals. Instead, it is chaining us to the current data custodians, making us vulnerable in terms of privacy and restricted in our free choice of services and goods.

The goal of human-centric approaches to personal data is to empower individuals with their personal data, thus helping them and their communities develop knowledge, make informed decisions, and interact more consciously and efficiently with each other as well as with organisations. Providing individuals control over their personal data means data liberation for a plentitude of novel uses - business and societal, but above all, individual. Personal data liberation is a liberation of the individual.

Being empowered by your personal data is not something that is handed down to everyone by magic of new legislation or generosity of a huge corporation. It entails learning about personal data, its whereabouts and availability thanks to personal rights and available technical means, its current and possible uses, but also about yourself and your calling. This will happen at the talks and hands-on workshops of the “Empowerment” track.

Keywords: Hands-on workshop, educational, mooc - online materials, “bring your own”