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Rights or Ownership?

Hands on to Personal Data


Personal data at the hands of free and autonomous agents

We’re generating enormous amounts of personal data as individuals. It is obvious long time ago, that from individual perspective this commodity - “new oil”, “new soil”, etc. - is hardly ever powering or feeding any reasonable goals. Instead, it is chaining us to the current data custodians, making us vulnerable in terms of privacy and restricted in our free choice of services and goods.

The goal of human-centric approaches to personal data is to empower individuals with their personal data, thus helping them and their communities develop knowledge, make informed decisions, and interact more consciously and efficiently with each other as well as with organisations. Providing individuals control over their personal data means data liberation for a plentitude of novel uses - business and societal, but above all, individual. Personal data liberation is a liberation of the individual.

Being empowered by your personal data is not something that is handed down to everyone by magic of new legislation or generosity of a huge corporation. It entails learning about personal data, its whereabouts and availability thanks to personal rights and available technical means, its current and possible uses, but also about yourself and your calling. This will happen at the talks and hands-on workshops of the “Empowerment” track.

Keywords: Hands-on workshop, educational, mooc - online materials, “bring your own”

Rights or Ownership?

Wednesday: Arkki

10:45 - 12:00


Maria Macocinschi, Michael Becker, Antti 'Jogi' Poikola


The “MyData Big Words Fishbowl discussions” build deeper shared understanding on one of the most profound questions in MyData discourse: should we speak about “ownership of one’s data” or is “rights to one’s data”? What are the implications of using one or the other?

The session starts with introductory presentation research findings on consumer attitudes regarding personal data management. The presentation is followed by deep, and fun and interactive fishbowl discussion about the “ownership vs. rights” -question.

<b>Consumer Attitudes Towards Personal Information Management</b>

Michael Becker, Assurant

This session will outline the latest proprietary research into consumer awareness and attitudes towards actively managing privacy and personal data, providing a better understanding of how these factors may impact opportunities within the emerging personal information economy. It will offer attendees a clearer roadmap to the market opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

<b>Fishbowl (un-panel) discussion: ownership vs. rights?</b>

Fishbowl panel is lively and interactive method for deep discussions that the audience can participate.

Session is moderated by: Maria Macocinschi and Antti 'Jogi' Poikola

Start        :                        10:45

Opening:                        10:47 (5 minutes, moderator)                 

Intro of presenter:                10:52 (3 minutes, moderator)

Michael Becker:                10:55 (15 minutes)

Q&A:                                11:10 (5 minutes)

Intro to fishbowl:                11:15 (3 minutes, moderator)

Fishbowl:                        11:18 (32 minutes, moderator)

Closing discussion:                11:50 (10 minutes)

End:                                12:00

Hands-on Personal Data

Friday: Henrik

10:45 - 14:30


Ignasi Alcalde, Raoul Plommer, Sarah Medjek


During the course of this workshop, we will learn the personal data processing principles for individuals and companies. The participants will bring their devices (mobile phone, computer) and we will help them find practical ways to better protect, but also better manage their personal data.

  • Perception about personal data <b>challenges</b>
  • Solutions about <b>conflict</b> with personal data
  • <b>Tools for awareness and protection
  • Create their own <b>personal data canvas</b> and plan.

<b>New Digital Rights MOOC (GDPR)</b>

Raoul Plommer, Open Knowledge Finland

New Digital Rights MOOC is above all, a place for learning about digital rights of citizens. The first modules that our project is going to tackle, are the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and MyData conceptual framework.

<b>Workshop: Personal data coaching</b>

Ignasi Alcalde, MyData Barcelona

During the course of this workshop, we will learn the personal data processing principles for individuals and companies.  The  participants will bring their devices (mobile phone, computer) and we will help them find practical ways to better protect but also better manage their personal data.

Perception about personal data challenges
Solutions about conflict with personal data
Tools for awareness and protection
Create their own personal data canvas and plan.
Wrap up , final conclusions and form. Lessons learned” in screen.io

Additional Information: Participants should bring their own computer

Session is moderated by: Sarah Medjek

During your session calls, please talk also about the practical needs, and fill in https://mydata2018.org/session-practicalities/ if needed!

Start        :                        10:45

Opening:                        10:47 (5 minutes, moderator)                 

Intro of presenter 1:                10:52 (3 minutes, moderator)

Presenter 1:                        10:55 (XX minutes)

Q&A for presenter 1:                XX:XX (X minutes)

Intro of presenter 2:                XX:XX (X minutes)

Presenter 2:                        XX:XX (X minutes)

Q&A for presenter 2:        XX:XX (X minutes)

Closing:                        14:25 (5 minutes, moderator)

End:                                14:30

This track calls for proposals that help conference participants to:

  • Develop and learn the MyData lingua;
  • Explain MyData principles and how they apply in different domains.
  • Get people on track with managing their personal data (both theoretical talks and hands-on sessions welcome);
  • Showcase inspiring examples of personal data management in action;
  • Personal data canvas / and ethics

Telco April 30th

Participants: Teemu, Sarah, John, Ignasi, Raoul

Agenda: MOOC + Ignasi’s workshop merger for Day3 double session

  • MOOC still in development by time of conference. Chance that it will be demonstrable.
  • Ignasi’s workshop well aligned with MOOC’s goals
  • The canvas is a mindmap for organising different areas where people have personal data
  • What will we use the session for?

Telco April 17th



  • Track roles
  • Sarah is hosting
  • Tanel is facilitating
  • Track objective:
  • The track aims to inform, educate and empower individuals with MyData concept.
  • Track audience
  • All conference attendees (professionals, researchers…) who want to acquire more thorough knowledge, to confront their current knowledge and/or to contribute (bring information, point out tools, figure out solutions…etc.)
  • A wider public who could attend the conference (ex: bring in a group of students in a session or two) and those who will access the track material online (ex: the mooc)
  • We may agree that this is expert conference, not general public - BUT we can try to encourage empathy towards individuals.
  • Would still make sense to do pre-event with students and have this feed in to conference.
  • Track means (sessions)
  • Inform: big words session: main concepts and fundamental principles
  • Stick to big words, read principles from declaration
  • The suggestion as it stands now is 2x1h15min. sessions covering 4 big words (2 per each session) in Fishbowl manner.
  • We have not planned to go through the MyData principles more than perhaps just a brief linkage to the declaration in the intro.
  • Educate: educate about personal rights for personal data and how they themselves can be active about this:
  • Move MOOC also over here
  • Empower
  • Track deliverables
  • MOOC - prepare before the conference with the whole community (across tracks)
  • Tanel: 3 sessions would be enough following the Sarah proposal

Telco April 6th



  • Track goal?
  • Present the reasons for people to take control of their data - probably most conference attendees have not requested their data. Let’s change that!
  • The conference is also targeting people who are non-specialists in the domain
  • Discuss with experts to develop a satellite to non-experts (including schoolchildren)

Telco April 6th



  • So did we succeed with developing our own proposals to the track, namely:
  • Maria and Jogi: ideate about the "Big Words" part
  • Teemu: possible MOOC proposal
  • Ignasi and Tanel: prepare for the Personal Data workshopping proposal
  • Tanel and Sarah
  • Review existing proposals
  • Christopher Olk - Tanel started discussion to check how educational this can be to the more general public.
  • Michael Becker
  • OPTIONAL: Jussi Leppälä, Algorithmic fairness meets the GDPR
  • Task list