The MyData 2018 conference programme is made up of main stage sessions (including The Great Un-Conference) and 7 community curated tracks. There will also be content provided by our partners in clearly marked partner sessions.

We also invite and support like-minded communities and organisations to host their own independent one-day meetings as extended events either on the day before the conference or in parallel with one of the main conference days.

The conference programme is curated by a team of 35 international experts and final programme is expected to include more than 100 presenters from a variety of fields ranging from business leaders, legal professionals, technology innovators, digital rights advocates, and other data thinkers and doers.

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MyData 2018 programme is divided into 8 thematic tracks and main stage sessions. Get to know them following the links below.

MyData Cases

1.  Case Studies and the Industry Landscape

Value creation from MyData: from concepts to new business models.

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2. Our Data

Initiatives for public good and social justice

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3.  Interoperability – Universal and Open

Making MyData as interoperable as the web itself

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Data Portability

4. Data Portability: New rights

Opportunities and benefits offered by the GDPR

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5. Learn the Essentials

Making friends with MyData “big words” and personal data management basics

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6. Global

Making the global human-centric move

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MyData Futures

7. MyData Futures

Imaginizing the human-centric personal data futures

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8. The Business of Personal Data

Will MyData be a thriving business ecosystem?

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