11: Global [MyData 2018 topic track]

MyData Global

Making the global human-centric move

MyData today runs 17 hubs across the globe. It was born in the European Union in the wake of GDPR that will unify legislation on personal data processing. The unified environment contributes to boosting MyData brand awareness in Europe. But how exactly to do that? How do MyData initiatives in non-EU countries compare with regard to strategies and steps to support the spread of MyData concept and principles? What’s the strategy to keep the so far successful MyData network and community building sustainable in long term?

This track will include both active listening and hands-on sessions, aiming to deliver solutions and progress in furthering the MyData network. We’re calling for your contributions in the form of 10-20 min talks, Lightning Speeches (up to 3 min) and workshop proposals around the topics of:

  • How to strengthen MyData in Europe?
  • Sharing MyData initiatives experiences from the world (incl proposals to start new hubs)
  • Developing MyData Global Services value proposition that helps local hubs’ to have positive impact on local economy.
  • Mapping MyData sustainability assets and actions.

Keywords: global, movement, hubs, initiative