Consent in Action


Interoperability in the management of consent will allow safe, seamless sharing of personal data for individuals. In this session we will explore the role of consent in the GDPR, the practical implications of compliance and see standards-based approaches to consent management in action.

GDPR: How to Tackle Consent and Preference Management
Alex Cash, OneTrust

Consent is an active area that many organizations are currently struggling with in GDPR (and ePrivacy). Consent impacts both B2B and B2C marketing activities, as well as deeper business activities that may require consent such as automatic decision making, processing special categories of data, or cross-border data transfers. This session will help clarify why consent is so unique in GDPR, when you do (and don’t) need consent, and practical case studies of how to tackle consent, re-consent, and preference management in practice.

Consent management in practise
Martin Sandren, Nixu Oyj

We start by figuring out what an informed consent is and the story behind it, to the points why it is so centric and why it should be planned with care. The practical approach brings in the Basics of implementing consent management for services and the standardization work around it. Also some of the different models available for solving the issue are handled.

Replace Terms & Conditions with Information Sharing Agreements
John Wunderlich, JLINC

The JLINC protocol and software enable individuals to control how information about them is used or shared. Instead of a web server offering “take it or leave it”-options the JLINC protocol enables a negotiation of terms between Data Subject and Data Controller and then vests ongoing control of the data with the Data Subject – enabling a dynamic and flexible relationship.

Consent Receipt – An Interoperability Demo
Andrew Hughes, Kantara Initiative

The goal of this demo is showing how using the Kantara Consent Receipt spec. provides the basis for allowing the different Company receipts to be shared between different entities. The participating companies are:, Consentua, Open Consent, Trunomi, UNLOQ, Ubisecure.

Session is moderated by: Joss Langford