Personal Data for Common Good

Main Stage

Strong data protection and personal data for common good? These should not be contradicting goals. Jeni Tennison from Open Data Institute and Hetan Shah from the Royal Statistical Society will share experiences and outline some of the potential mechanisms available to ensure that data can be used for public good, in order to maintain trustworthiness, and public support for innovation.

How to build a fairer data ecosystem
Jeni Tennison, Open Data Institute

In this talk, Jeni will share a vision a future where people, organisations and communities use data to make better decisions and are protected from any of its harmful impacts. The talk will include lessons learned from building this vision so far, and ways that everyone can get involved in building the future.

A Data Manifesto for the Common Good
Hetan Shah, Royal Statistical Society

Hetan will outline the thinking of the Royal Statistical Society’s Data Manifesto on how data can be used for the common good. He will talk about recent initiatives in the UK to promote data ethics, including the new Ada Lovelace Institute and the government Centre for Data Ethics. He will consider the options that exist to ensure that personal data can be used for public good and in particular on how to deal with the emergence of private sector data monopolies.

Session is moderated by: Viivi Lähteenoja

Main Stage