Health Data Accessibility


Accessibility in Finland and Denmark
Casandra Grundstrom, University of Oulu

Connected Health is an overarching theme for accessibility to change the landscape for future healthcare industry. In this model, data is intrinsic to shape a holistic proactive approach to healthcare. This session will compare and contrast accessibility findings in their research for both industry and public sector, with the purpose of illustrating a human-centric design perspective with an emphasis on service design to bring value to stakeholders. We will also discuss the impact of digitalization on health data and shed some light on the challenges and opportunities going forward.

Health e-decisions for all
Mette Kjer Kaltoft, Odense University Hospital Svendborg Denmark

Decision support tools fall into two broad categories. ‘Inter-mediative’ Patient Decision Aids are designed for a shared decision making encounter, with the clinician in charge of aid delivery. ‘Apomediative’ Personalised Decision Support Tools (PDSTs) are designed to help the person to make the best decision for themselves, including whether to consult a clinician, empowered by a preliminary (non-medical) opinion that facilitates informed consent.

They may decide to switch to inter-mediative mode in the encounter. A PDST will combine the person’s preferences over the multiple criteria important to them with the best evidence available on the performance rates of all available options on those criteria. A technique such as Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis is required as its basis. A provider-independent, online PDST may be accessed via a secure link, giving access to the person’s health record, or anonymously on an open access ‘direct-to-consumer’ basis. The data inputs required are those available at home, including scores from publicly-accessible online instruments, outputs from home testing kits and wearable devices, person’s burden ratings for options, and their criteria weightings. The output is a personalised score for each option, visually displayed. The image is shareable, along with user-specified data, to a community registry of preference-sensitive decisions.

Platform of citizen generated data – What next?

Risto Kaikkonen, Solita


Session is moderated by: Maritta Perälä-Heape