MyData kansallinen keruualusta (Finnish Language Session)


We have collected population based Surveys for decades in Finland. Mostly by Statistics Finland and National Institute for Health and Welfare. Moreover, other public sector institutes need interaction platforms to get the data from citizens. In Finland the most of the data collection concerns the patients health records after the contact in social / healthcare. The possibilities to use new IoT gadgets on this platform is also possible.

In the more recent projects like, KanTa services and mostly in ODA-project Finland has created a platform that contacts population. In this project there is possible to enlarge the scope cross sectional. This is the basic idea to put under discussion. Is there a general need that could be fulfilled with this “National platform to collect citizens data”? Moreover could we give more personal view and ownership to us as a citizen. This also gathers the basic idea of Sitras new launch of IHAN.


Jussi Heino, Statistics Finland

Pekka Kahri, National Institute for Health and Welfare, THL

Jan Juslen, Liikennevirasto

Teuvo Savikko, Espoon kaupunki

Pekka Mustonen, Duodecim

Ville Salaspuro, MediConsult

Markus Myhrberg, Lexia

Session is moderated by: Risto Kaikkonen and Tapio Huomo, Solita