Panel Session: Data Portability


This session will start with a use case from Jim Groom, showing how data portability has been made possible across universities. Domain of One’s Own could provide also a powerful example in how higher education could harness application programming interfaces (APIs) to build a more user-empowered data ecosystem at universities.  This introduction talk will be followed by a panel discussion looking at issues affecting the adoption of data portability in other sectors, such as health and finance, with a particular focus on the motivations of businesses and individuals.


The panellists for the session are:


  • Jim Groom, co-founder of Reclaim Hosting, an independent web hosting company focused on the higher education community.
  • Paul-Olivier Dehaye, an activist in the field of data protection, turned researcher, turned entrepreneur and co-founder of
  • Daniela Gunz, Director of Research Partnership at healthbank, a people-owned platform for managing health and medical data in one secure database.
  • Silja Lindqvist, specialist in digital platforms and data handling in the finance sector and currently implementing GDPR requirements in the area of Group Functions in Nordea.
  • Frederick Richter, director of Stiftung Datenschutz (German Foundation for Data Protection), whose organisation has been studying practical ways for industry to implement data portability.


The session will be moderated by Robert Madge, CEO of Xifrat Daten and commentator on GDPR issues.

Data Portability