This session will present latest advancements of MyData services from around the globe, with examples ranging from incubation of the data market to proof-of-concepts to revenue generating businesses. The presenters share key learnings and best practices for each phase, focusing on real scenarios, concrete data and key metrics derived from implemented business models.

Japanese Data Sharing Service Between Large Companies
Masahiro Hanatani, NTT DATA

In Japan, there is no regulation defining that personal data is privately owned by each person. So now, data provider companies holding customer’s personal data (especially large companies building CRM on their own) don’t have any merits of returning personal data to their customers in Japan. As a first step of personal data business in Japan, it is necessary to develop a mechanism that allows both data providers and data utilization companies to distribute and utilize data each other. NTT DATA are going to develop a data distribution system and realize an “Enhanced CRM”. Firstly, we will start to sharing data in non-competitive domain, e.g., name and address. In the future, we will realize data distributions and data utilizations can benefit data provider companies.

Citizen-centric innovation for the connected era
Michele Nati, IOTA

IOTA Foundation is the not for profit foundation registered in Germany behind the Tangle, an open source permissionless distributed ledger technology. Known for its design fit for the Internet of Things and the economy of Things, IOTA is also engaged in MyData activities since 2016 and has in the past year expanded the spectrum of its industry focus to all smart industries it addresses including energy, mobility, ehealth, finance, smart cities and public sector. IOTA suggest presenting its recent work and universal and open approach to citizen centric innovation including engagements with research, startups, incumbents and public sector from Norway to Taiwan.

Take back control of your data
Alastair Johnson, Nuggets

Nuggets is an e-commerce payments and ID platform. It stores your personal and payment data securely in the blockchain, so you never have to share it with anyone – not even Nuggets. For consumers, Nuggets is a single, secure sign-on for payment, login and ID verification, with no tracking or selling of your activity.
For businesses, Nuggets will mean the end of vast, vulnerable databases of customer data, minimising the risk of regulatory issues.

How to Build a Commercially Viable and Trustworthy MyData Social platform
Geoff Revill, Krowdthink Ltd

The key to changing the internet towards a MyData model is to tackle the monetary driver, where for the most part we are currently the product that is traded and so we end up with a surveillance economy. We will walk you through how to build a social platform designed to demonstrate that respect for privacy can be adhered to whilst building a commercially valuable social platform, similar to Twitter or Facebook, yet at the same time fundamentally different, exploring opportunities incumbent platforms struggle to deliver. We will show how a MyData approach can unlock the commercial power of a personal data ecosystem.

Session is moderated by: Mikael Rinnetmäki