Geoff Revill

CoFounder & Managing Director, Krowdthink Ltd

The Internet has changed – so should our social platforms – removing data surveillence & delivering trustworthy engagement value needs a new biz model


For at scale internet level personal data interoperability we need to move from ambiguous syntactic data exchange, to rigorous formalised semantics


Privacy and trust innovator, focussed on the challenge of re-inventing the digital engagement model of the Internet in the context of Trust.
Fan of the new individual empowerment rights for the individual provided by the GDPR. Practitioner of GDPR implementation with a GDPR ready social platform, The Krowd.

Pragmatic businessman that knows that until we create new business models to fund the Internet we cannot deliver the online privacy we all desire.

Technologist focussed on unlocking the localised digital engagement opportunity, delivering location-based digital engagement without exposing customer location privacy.
Advocate for citizen location privacy rights.

My Sessions



This session will present latest advancements of MyData services from around the globe, with examples ranging from incubation of the data market to proof-of-concepts to revenue generating businesses. The presenters share key learnings and best practices for each phase, focusing on real scenarios, concrete data and key metrics derived from implemented business models. Japanese Data […]


Dimensions of Interoperability


During this first session we will introduce the interoperability track and give the big picture of different dimensions of interoperability. We will define what interoperability means for MyData and how this is supported by the interoperability sessions in the conference. We will start off the interoperability track with some of the most important topics of […]