Truly Global


Do you know in how many countries in the world there is no existing data protection regulation? Access to personal data yes, but how about access to internet – what the net neutrality has to do with MyData? Even if we live in globally connected world the cultural differences are real and they do affect on the way how personal data technologies and policies are spreading.

In this session we explore the MyData topics from the global perspective with experts from three international organisations IEEE Standards Association, World Bank and Open Knowledge International.

Data and Development – The Global Landscape
Aki Enkenberg, Senior ICT policy specialist at World Bank

The presentation will outline the significance of data as a development issue, a source of innovation for solving development problems and a new field for policymaking for developing countries, drawing on World Bank analysis and knowledge, as well as practical examples of projects and partnerships around the world. Key World Bank initiatives such as the Identification for Development Program (ID4D) and the principles they operate by will be discussed.

Private Data and Open Data
Karin Christiansen, Executive Director of Open Knowledge International

We believe that there are shared principles underlying both the ‘open’ and ‘mydata’ movements. A strongly open society does not have to be at odds with strong privacy regulation, but rather that the society we strive for is one that takes both of these perspectives very seriously.

Session is moderated by: John Havens, IEEE