Designing within the Personal Data Economy


With the growing ubiquity of data there is an increasing interest from the design research community to understand how product and interaction designers can engage with sensor data and how sensor data can be incorporated in design processes, i.e. how data can be used as creative ‘design material’.

This vision of exploratory design clashes with the GDPR, requiring personal data accessibility, control and transparency of use and purpose. Together with the GDPR, privacy and value concerns open up to a new field of Personal Data Economy through concepts such as the ‘data box’, in which all personal data would be kept into a single virtual or physical place for each individual.
In this session we propose to envision data subjects’ interactions with their personal data box. What are the key interaction features of such a box? What value should it convey? As a portal to the personal data ecosystem, what form should it take to preserve data control and privacy of its subjects while empowering researchers and designers with appropriate knowledge and understanding?

Participants will reflect on sensor-based data collected in the home such as thermostats, energy meters or smart phones. They will actively experience the Value Flow Model to design personal data box interactions.

Session Type

The session will contain a short intro followed by a hands-on session done in teams of 5-6 people with a cap of 25 participants. Because of this we will be gathering an enrollment to the workshop.

Session Outcomes

Following the session participants will have an understanding of the opportunities related to personal/family IoT sensor data of a Smart Home. Participants will also have an idea of the initial privacy issues related to this data. The participants will also understand the potential of Elke den Ouden’s Value Flow Model in creating an ecosystem of connected products for the Smart Home.

Session Audience

Any types of people who are interested in understanding the business, user and privacy issues related to a Smart Home. You might be a designer, systems architect or lawyer so simply someone who is looking for a holistic view on MyData issues related to the Smart Home.

This session is moderated by: Jacky Bourgeois and Mikael Seppälä