Bruno Carballa Smichowski

Collaborative economy and data economics expert at Chronos

Bruno Carballa Smichowski, PhD, is Collaborative Economy and Data Economics Expert at Chronos, a consulting and research company that specializes in the contributions of digital technologies to the making, the governance and the business models of territorial services. His research and consulting expertise focus on the economics of data, notably on competition issues related to data, data-based business models and data commons. He is also Collaborative Economy and Data Fellow at Commons Network and associate researcher at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) – Open University of Catalonia, where he works as a member of the DIMMONS (Digital Commons) research group.

Bruno is currently leading a case study of the Accra Mobility project, a crowdsourced digital mapping of artisanal transportation networks in Accra (Ghana) based on open data, in the context of the research project EnCommuns. His latest publication is “The value of data: an analysis of closed-urban-data-based and open-data-based business models“, first working paper of Science Po’s Cities and Digital Technology Chair.

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Governance alternatives


This session discusses overarching dynamics of data governance, in order to address power asymmetries through structural approaches to our data. By bringing together both conceptual and practical approaches, we will explore models and potential sources of leverage for empowerment. You hear talks from Sean McDonald, Bruno Carballa Smichowski and Markus Niessen. Trust & Trusts: The […]

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