Sean McDonald

Principal at Digital Public

Sean focuses on building technology systems for governance and governance systems for technology. He’s the CEO of FrontlineSMS, an award-winning last-mile messaging platform. He is also a Principal at Digital Public and a Fellow at Duke’s Center for Law and Technology, where he works on using legal trusts to embed fiduciary duties and governance into data systems. He’s a published humanitarian technology scholar, most recently in the Review of the International Red Cross, and the author of Ebola: A Big Data Disaster. Sean is a lawyer by education, international technologist by trade, and writer by over-caffeination.

My Sessions

Governance alternatives


This session discusses overarching dynamics of data governance, in order to address power asymmetries through structural approaches to our data. By bringing together both conceptual and practical approaches, we will explore models and potential sources of leverage for empowerment. You hear talks from Sean McDonald, Bruno Carballa Smichowski and Markus Niessen. Trust & Trusts: The […]

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