Tuukka Lehtiniemi

Researcher at Aalto

Tuukka Lehtiniemi is a researcher at Aalto University and a PhD candidate in economic sociology at University of Turku. His research concerns the role of users in the data economy and related activism and reform initiatives, with interest in how they aim for change in institutionalized economic forms. He holds a M.Soc.Sc decree in economics and a M.Sc. degree in technology.

My Sessions

Mechanics of fairness


This session explores issues around accountability, transparency and fairness around our data. By looking at both trends and norms in respecting rights, we will explore the questions around our data and the potentials for it, with respect to redefining how accountability functions and how algorithms are used. Algorithmic fairness meets the GDPR Jussi Leppälä, Valmet […]

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