Mikko Lampi

Research manager at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

Mikko is an open-minded technologist working as a research manager in digital economy for South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. He is a long-time MyData enthusiast and an Open Knowledge member.

Mikko has a techie background with academic alignment and strong passion for people and business. His main interest is in combining software, design, and data to make better business and society – and running hackathons/design jams. He is a gamer, reader, and science fiction fan who enjoys exploring futures.

My Sessions

The Imaginarium of MyData Futures


What we might learn from these different possible futures, in order to create to best possible MyData world? We will tap into visions ranging from emerging technology projections to speculative fiction in our quest to explore wild, even provocative, future scenarios: paradoxical, fun, desirable, messy, failed, complicated, incoherent, and ordinary data futures. The goal is […]