Paul Galwas

CSO at Contributor to Ocean Protocol | DEX

Paul Galwas is a contributor to Ocean Protocol and is CSO at DEX.
He has been spearheaded information security solutions for more than 20 years.

At Digital Catapult, he input into multiple national policy and research strategies, worked on BSI security standards, and lead multiple collaborative research projects. At Digital Catapult, nCipher, Secerno and Cellcrypt, he worked on privacy, trust & identity, digital asset protection & sharing, IoT & distributed ledger security, and secure payment systems, and with UK and US Governments on classified mobile security. He was an early member of Open Group Jericho Forum, and the Trusted Computer Group, and collaborates with EARTO SRG, Open Group, ISF and IoTSF. At Computervision, Telxon and Prime, Paul developed early Wi-Fi technologies and mobile handheld systems, after spearheading 3D modeling and realistic imaging. He has a PhD and MA in science from Cambridge University.

My Sessions

Tools for Data Portability


The session will showcase four open-source projects that focus on data portability. We will start investigating how new business models can leverage data portability and what tools and technologies can support that. Following this overview we will then conclude the session with lessons learned from real cases on how to build user friendly data portability […]

Data Portability