Petteri Kivimäki

CTO at Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS)


Petteri Kivimäki is the CTO of the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS). The NIIS is an association founded jointly by Finland and Estonia which mission is to develop e-governance solutions, kicking off with the X-Road technology. Before joining the NIIS, Petteri worked as a technology architect in a leading global professional services company. During years 2014–2017 Petteri worked at the Population Register Centre of Finland as an information systems manager. He was the technical lead of X-Road implementation project in Finland and was coordinating the joint open source development of the X-Road solution between Finland and Estonia. Petteri holds a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland.

My Sessions

Dimensions of Interoperability


During this first session we will introduce the interoperability track and give the big picture of different dimensions of interoperability. We will define what interoperability means for MyData and how this is supported by the interoperability sessions in the conference. We will start off the interoperability track with some of the most important topics of […]