Antti Kettunen

Blockchain solutions consultant at Tieto Blockchain Solutions

Antti is a Distributed Ledger / Blockchain expert at Tieto, and is driving adoption of MyData in Europe with the global decentralized powers.
Antti fell in love with MyData when he saw Antti ‘Jogi’ Poikola pitching MyData at Slush 2015. After that, MyData has been prominently visible in everything he has been doing, from consulting and speaking about GDPR opportunities, delivering GDPR / data privacy portal and driving adoption of Sovrin – the global distributed identity network.
At work, his main job is to design and deliver distributed ledger solutions, where Sovrin / Hyperledger Indy is a main tool in providing decentralized, MyData-loving identity.

My Sessions

Major Use Cases From Finland


Finland has been hosting MyData conferences ever since 2016. Learn why! Major Finnish players have actually implemented concrete MyData models. Discover how from three use cases to share insights for other countries and regions to develop their personal-data ecosystems.. Trafi-Tilaajavastuu MyData trial Noora Lähde, Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi Mika Huhtamäki, Tilaajavastuu What benefits MyData […]


Dimensions of Interoperability


During this first session we will introduce the interoperability track and give the big picture of different dimensions of interoperability. We will define what interoperability means for MyData and how this is supported by the interoperability sessions in the conference. We will start off the interoperability track with some of the most important topics of […]